to create a better web
A long time ago, the
unknown ☄️
destroyed the physical world.💥
Only those who
uploaded their minds
to digital avatars survived.
In the metaverse,
they found their new home.
Yet the mystery of the past remains unsolved.
Before the cataclysm the merchant called Jake foresaw the catastrophe.
He created the artifacts capable of recording stories,
events, and memories of people using them.
Every block of information, forever stored in these devices.
He then went on to propagate artifacts
in the Minters society in the form of games.
Why? Nobody knows exactly. Many believe artifacts
hold the answer to the origins of the cataclysm.
Are you willing to join the adventure, and solve the mystery?
Experience the world of Minters
Surf your way to the top
Alta Kei
Fly high with ambition and grace
FTM Club
Be careful who you do business with
Prea Station
Deep space means deep problems
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